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Dedicated Server

We provide a single computer dedicated to your needs.This dedicated server will gives you faster speed, flexibility, control, site traffic and room to grow.

GSD's state-of-the-art Data Center in Cyber Building provide unparallel performance, availability and high security to all of our dedicated customers.

How It Works

1.  Check out our price list below.
2.  Choose one of the Package.
3.  Sign up / contact us and we will do the rest.


Dedicated A
Dedicated B
Dedicated C
Dedicated D
Server Features
Intel Celeron 2.66, 512M RAM, 80G HDD
Pentium D 2,4 , 512M RAM, 80G HDD
Pentium D 2.8, 512M RAM, 80G HDD
Xeon 2.66, 512M RAM, 80G HDD
Monthly Fee
Rp. 1.430.000,-
Rp. 1.535.000,-
Rp. 1.590.000,-
Rp. 3.180.000,-
Setup Fee
Free Setup

Above list subject to: 12 Months Contract & O/S Fedora / Debian / Centos / Ubuntu

  • Key Features:

  • 1 UTP Port at GSD switch

  • If you need solution for more than three servers, please e-mail to us.