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Company Profile

Welcome to GSD website. Free to feel as your personal resource for all information about websites and web server colocation. We will answer your queries; provide services and solutions to help you to maximize the benefits of your Web site.


GSD was founded in 2001; an industry-leading Internet solutions provider located in the heart of the Internet Building (IIX - Indonesia Internet Exchange) and an outsourcing solution for clients together with a distinct understanding of tomorrow's technology. Over the years, we constantly focus in creating the most reasonably-price, customer-centered, technologically advanced Colocation Company in this growing industry. In business, our first priority is quality control program for customer service. Even with our low reasonable prices, we are able to support the needs of largest global conglomerate to the smallest company with our robust, redundant network and dedicated packages.

We guarantee 99.9 percent uptime, so your Web site is always working for you.

Listening is what we do. We minimize procedure to reach our top management and constantly to learn how we can best serve you. We will always "keep our eyes on" to monitors the quality of every detail of our services, network performance as well as to make sure our technical support and customer service departments are giving our clients what they need.

To get more information about our new services, best deals or anything, you may reach us at sales@gsd.net.id or (+62)21-526-9257.